I'm currently a third-year PhD student in English literature at Harvard, where I’m  an incoming co-coordinator of the American Literature Colloquium and outgoing first- and second-year representative on the faculty Graduate Committee. I have two primary areas of interest:

First, I’m interested in 20th- and 21st-century literatures in English (American, British, Global Anglophone). I'm developing a dissertation on contemporary fiction (c. 1980-Present) and have an article on Joyce's thinking about lyric in The Journal of Modern Literature.

Second, I’m interested in questions of literary critical method. I do work in and about the digital humanities and have an article on analytic philosophy and the phenomenology of reading forthcoming in New Literary History. 

As a supplement to my academic work, I write pieces for popular venues, typically on fiction by and about women. My Public Books essay, “Chick Lit Meets the Avant-Garde,” was featured on Lithub Weekly.

Before coming to Harvard, I completed an M.St. at Oxford (English literature 1900-Present) and a B.A. at Yale (English and Philosophy). My research at Harvard and Oxford has been supported by Cooper-Siegel and Clarendon scholarships.

See my CV, here.