I’m a fifth-year PhD student in Harvard's English department, where I'm also Lead Coordinator of Graduate Colloquia. My primary areas of interest are contemporary literature in English and digital culture, and I’m currently working on a dissertation about  literature in the age of so-called “content.”

I also have two other major areas of interest: First, I’m interested in questions of literary critical method. I do some work related to the digital humanities and have an article on analytic philosophy and the phenomenology of reading in New Literary History. Second, I’m interested in the broader sweep of twentieth century and Modernist literatures. I have an article on Joyce’s thinking about lyric in the Journal of Modern Literature.

As a supplement to my academic work, I write pieces for popular venues, often on fiction by and about women. My Public Books essay, “Chick Lit Meets the Avant-Garde,” was featured on Lithub Weekly and anthologized in a Public Books Reader.

Before coming to Harvard, I completed an M.St. at Oxford (English literature 1900-Present) and a B.A. at Yale (English and Philosophy). My research at Harvard and Oxford has been supported by John Hall Jones, Charles Warren, Cooper-Siegel and Clarendon scholarships.

See my CV, here.